Broadbean Scottish


GENUS: Vicia SPECIES: faba


Heritage Status: New Zealand
Bio-Region of Origin: Waimate, Southland
Number of Seeds: 20

Description: This bean came to the Kōanga Collection from Jack Watts of Waimate, who said it came to New Zealand with the Scottish settlers in 1863. It is a very good cropper, and taster, and stays green when cooked. The leaves are also delicious, we eat the growing tips when the plants have set as many beans as we want. Picking the tips puts the energy into filling out the existing beans rather than growing taller! A top variety that grows all over New Zealand, but super valuable in cold areas.

Planting Instructions: Scatter sow into trays and transplant into beds 25cm apart in two rows per bed. They are sown either in Autumn or early Spring. Check local growers for regional best practice.