Kōanga Garden Planner Upgrade


This is for people who already have a copy of the Kōanga Garden Planner. Kay has recently upgraded the planner and we are making available this upgrade of the two parts that have been changed, the Step by Step Guide and the Crop Rotation Sheet.


One of the things we do at Kōanga is committing to continuing our learning and research and sharing that with you. Kay’s books and booklets are constantly being updated with the latest information from around the world and Kay’s research projects.

Kay understands now that the whole crop rotation system that we find in almost every organic gardening book in the world is based on some false assumptions and a lot of dogma, and that the latest info within the new field of Biological Agriculture shows us that every crop or plant has a set of microbes that it prefers to co-exist with and that each crop spends its lifetime pulling around it the microbes it enjoys living with, in obviously mutually beneficial ways. When we shift it to the next bed all the time, the crops must begin again, creating the ecosystem that supports them. Current teaching and experience show that we are better off leaving our crops in the same beds every year and just rotating them with a mix of seeds (carbon crops) that will build the soil for that crop the next time it goes in.

For this purpose, Kōanga has also developed a range of carbon crops, mixes of seeds that create ideal soil building to support the following crop.

Kay has used this information to make the Garden Planner rotation system far simpler and better. If you already have a copy of the Garden Planner, you can now buy an upgrade consisting of the two parts that have been changed, the Step by Step Guide and the Crop Rotation Sheet.



This booklet takes you through planning your garden in 9 easy to follow steps. It will help you understand each step by looking at Kay’s Example 40 sqm Garden.


The Crop Rotation Planner will become your plan that shows you how long each crop will be in the ground, and what crops will follow. This planner will also show you how your rotation works.