Combo | Kōanga Book – Design Your Own Orchard, Kōanga Booklet – Designing and Managing Forest Gardens


Perfect companions for establishing or developing an orchard or forest garden


Design Your Own Orchard Book 3rd Edition

Bringing Permaculture to the ground in Aotearoa.

An excellent guide to planning, planting and caring for a home orchard, with new chapters on berry fruit, pruning and the stories of the old people and trees.

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Designing and Managing Forest Gardens Booklet 4th Edition

This latest edition of the Designing and Managing Forest Gardens Booklet is a big step forward on the last edition. We have learned so much in the intervening years  that I wanted to share with you all. It contains an improved step by step design process everybody can follow,  that will enable you to create the forest garden of your dreams in a way that regenerates the earth and the whole ecology of your area.

This edition also contains a  ‘world first’ management chart for temperate forest gardens, giving you the ability to manage your forest garden in such a way as to maximise the way your support trees can build soil health and tree health. This is a very powerful process. You as the designer and manager actually become part of the dance of life and I can tell you this feels really amazing.
The design process and management chart are supported by many databases. The end result of working with this process and information will be a greater connection for you and your family with the natural world around you.

We encourage you to start the adventure!