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Urban Garden January 2014 – update

We’ve had a super exciting month in the urban garden, with the birth of our kits (baby rabbits) to Sally, who has never had any pellets or industrial grain or food. Sally has been raised on our own tagasaste and greens only. We are going to keep one of her male kits to be our future buck, as we’re keen to be selecting for rabbits that do well on home grown food. Thanks to Christy, who has been a wonderful mother for the rabbits, they are far calmer now.
IMG_0279Our other exciting news is that we now have a guinea pig tractor, thanks to Cody,  on the herbal ley around the 40 sqm vege garden. We have at this stage only one female and one male so we are still looking for more females if you know of any available.

IMG_0223Once the meat from the rabbits and guinea pigs comes on line, the range of nutrients coming in from this garden will increase significantly, as will the value of the produce coming in.
We have had significant growth on many of the fruit trees and vines so Cody helped Christy to espalier them against the wires and across the top of the pergola and chicken pen .
IMG_0222The top bar hive is looking good at this stage too. It was originally a swarm we were given and we had a few problems, but Cody and his bee team are working wonders with the bees this season, and we have five happy hives (one in the urban garden).

We are doing some trials to see which potato cultivars will produce tubers in tall containers, not all do and we want to know which cultivars defintely do…
Things are looking great for a six-month-old garden.

We harvested the following from our 40sqm garden  this month, and we just keep seeing more and more potential.  I can’t wait to get the wicking beds growing, but I must be patient!!!!

Eggs 131                                                  $65
Corn 50 cobs @$1                                $50
Basil 2 bunches @ $3                           $6
Magenta spreen  9bunches @$6       $54
Cucumber 2 @$1.50                             $3
Courgette20kgs @ $5                           $100
Lettuce 50  [email protected]$1.50                     $75
Wbo20 bunches @ $1.50                     $30
Greenbeans 2kgs @ $7                         $14
beetroot  5.5kgs @ $7                            $40
runner beans 2.4 kgs                             $22
beet greens 300                                      $5
Total                                                         $464

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