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Spring continues…


September 1 Update

Big changes in my garden in the past few weeks,

  • the over wintered carbon crops lupins, oats, flaxseed, barley and tic beans are all heading up to seed and looking strong. Once again the brix of the oats is very high and we will have a lot of high quality compost material.
  • the compost we made last autumn is ready so we are going to be able to compost all of the beds in the heavy feeders section of the garden this spring which is a great start. By this time next year we will have compost for all beds every time we plant.
  • I planted our early peas, Southland Sno, WF Massey as well as Dalmatian peas for drying, Capucyners for drying and Flour peas for drying to make tempura batter. The legume rootcrop section of the garden also has had beetroot and carrots planted as well as potatoes.
  • Our potatoes have gone in following our own advice, l have also planted some in worm farm boxes so I can compare the crops when they are grown vertically. Wechose varieties that clearly look as thought they would produce tubers up their long tops. Karoro, taranaki, Whataroa Urenika, some of the very old varieties.   Click here to read potato planting advice.
  • we have transplanted our early spring grains for the summer light feeding carbon beds, we will also harvest these grains. So far we’ve planted hulless barley and hulless oats.
  • we have loads of great greens now, my favourites are the French sorrel and the endives, which we eat daily in omelette or scrambled egg.
  • planning the heavy feeder section of the garden is always hard because this is always where our favourites go. how to keep them to ¼ of the garden area so we can maintain our crop rotation is  the challenge
  • I planted all my tomato seed, eggplant seed and pepper seed. I have to choose carefully so that I compliment the Institute seed gardens, ie we grow different varieties for seed. My tomatoes this season will be Island bay and riverside, two varieties I am super impressed with, both for eating fresh and also processing.
  • My peppers will be Yugoslav paprika , and Hungarian hot wax. Peppers cross so I am restricted because I will be saving seed. I would normally always plant sweet chocolate as well, an outstanding sweet pepper that is easy to grow.
  • My pumpkin seed is also planted delicata, henry heritage buttercup and chucks winter.
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