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Selecting Psyllid Resistant Plants


Now is the time to select your most disease/psyllid resistant tomatoes seed and potato seed for next season. The first step is to identify the psyllid damage on your plants, these photo’s will help you see the affects psyllids have on plant growth. Click on the photo’s to view them close up and see more details.


Here in the Hawke’s Bay where we have our seed gardens, it is a very strong psyllid area. This means that in a bad year, hot and dry, just the conditions we have now, the psyllid will be there in force. We use only Koanga Psyllid Solution to keep them away as much as possible, it’s very obvious to us that some cultivars are far more resistant than others. Our Psyllid solution is a very specially selected and very finely ground, water soluble version of diatamaceous earth, and is applied as a foliar spray. It contains 85% silicon dioxide in the form of dispersible powder. The commonly available product sold as diatomaceous earth will not work. When we walk around our tomato grow-out and our potato grow-out it stands out very strongly that some cultivars do not have any sign of psyllid and others are significantly effected.


If you would like to select your own seed from the most resistant plants you have then go out now and pick a tomato or two or a potato or two and keep the seed for next year. We have other criteria as well, but selecting for psyllid resistance is a really great selection criteria for all of us. We’ll publish a detailed information sheet showing you our results in around a month….to help you with selecting resistant cultivars next season.

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