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Pickled Gherkins Recipe



If you have any cucumber plants this season you’ll be amazed at just how fast they are producing right now! Our Deka cucumbers are great for lactic ferments but you could try with any variety and see how you like the taste of the final product.

Required Ingredients

1 Litre Glass Jar with a lid
1 Steralised stone that fit’s inside the jar
Brine solution (1TBS sea salt for every cup or water)
Cucumbers (smaller ones are best so you can fit them in the jar whole). If you have loads of large cucumbers you can pickle them in a 10 litre bucket (polypail).

Optional Ingredients

2.5tsp Whey
Grape Leaves


  1. Half fill the jar with brine solution (the water must be filtered if you are on chlorinated supply).
  2. Add the whey and put a layer of grape leaves in the bottom.
  3. Add your cucumbers and place the stone on top of them to keep them sitting under the brine solution (otherwise they will rot). If your jar isn’t quite full yet, you can keep adding cucumbers to it as they become ready.
  4. Leave your jar in the kitchen for a couple of days and then put in a cool place.
  5. After a couple of weeks give them a try (they will ferment faster in hotter weather). When they are at a flavour you like, either leave them in a cool safe or put the jars into the fridge. p.s Gherkins taste great with Sourdough Bread, click here for the recipe!
    Gherkin Recipe from: Change of Heart – The Ecology of Nourishing Food


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