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October Gardening


October 1 Update

We’ve had very hot days and very cold days, lots of Spring equinox winds and very calm days too, things are moving in the garden.

  • My purple sprouting broccoli is producing heads which is very exciting for me because I have never lived in an area I could grow this crop before. They do grow but a warm winter means no heads, the planst just get bigger and bigger and bigger. All parts of the plant are edible, and I love it.
  • It is also great to see the perennial runner beans ( Phaseolus coccineus)  coming up again this spring. I have not grown perennial beans in my own garden before, and I’ve definateley decided that Runner beans are one of my favourite perennial vegetables.  They prefer the spring and autumn seasons and produce green beans before annual runner beans do so that is great plus they produce shellout ad dry beans that make great salads and soup.

I tested the brix of our oats that were grown as a winter carbon crop and it was 28! The highest I have ever seen, so I’m very happy to know that the compost I make with them is being made with high brix ingredients. Our compost heaps are being made with oats, tic beans, lupins , burnt bone and shell ash, seaweed meal, wood ash, iodine, chicken manure from our chicken house, biochar, a little cow manure slurry from our cows, some garden soil and some Compost Minerals and Microbes to encourage the brix up as far as possible.

I have all the quarters of the summer garden planned out, and I’m praying for a summer this year.

My heavy feeders quarter will contain

  •  10m of tomatoes, I’ll be making loads of paste and dried tomatoes
  •  5m of paprika peppers that will double as fresh sweet capsicums and well as for drying to make paprika which we use a lot of. I’m saving seed for the Institute so can’t plant other varieties however I’ll be trading with the Institute for hot peppers  too.
  •  5m of eggplants,
  •  3m of crookneck squash
  •  7m of Delicata squash
  •  5m of Buttercup squash  
  •  5m of Chucks Winter
  •  5m of rock melons ( I love them fresh and dried)
    plus basil, tampala, magenta spreen , super nutritious summer greens and a cucumber or two

My heavy feeding carbon crops quarter will contain Blue Aztec Sweet corn, followed by Rainbow Inca sweet corn, and maybe a third planting of  Silver Platinum for variety!

My light feeding carbon quarter is planted in hulless oats, hulless barley and Tic beans.

My last quarter containing the legumes and root vege contains

  • 10m of  tall peas mostly for drying Dalmatian, Capucyjner, and fLour peas but a few Havelock sugar peas as well
  • 10m containing carrots, beetroot, scorzonera, Ohno Scarlett turnips
  • 5m of potatoes
  • 5m of yams and Jerusalem artichokes
  • 20m of beans for drying Mother In Law and Dalmatian Peans

Kumara don’t do well in double dug beds so I’m establishing a special kumara patch this year.
We are also establishing an isolation garden this spring for the Koanga Institute down on Thorny Croft, where we will grow our field corn for tortillas and the chickens, and also hulless pumpkin seeds and  a few other goodies we’ll talk about later.

I have enough of my own compost ready to apply to all of my heavy feeding crops, this spring so that is a major step forward for a new garden. Next spring I should have enough compost ready to use on all beds.

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