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Oats for The Compost


We’re very late this season in getting our compost crops in the ground, partly because of a lack of moisture in the soil, earlier on, and we are still very dry and needing to water to get things going.

We’re about to remove the covers off the Black Oats, which we are growing as our ultimate carbon crop, and the beds look really amazing. We’re going to have huge crops of high quality carbon for the composts next spring, and oats in particular accumulate calcium and phosphate.. just what we need! Every year we understand more and more just how critical our compost is to creating strong resilient healthy soil. Every year we get better at making high quality compost. This Spring our Interns will be making compost with these oats and learning to make amazing compost. Jodi Roebuck  is teaching the 3 day  Biointensive workshop inside our Spring Soil Food and Health Internship this year.. it will be a supercharged 3 days where you can learn the basics of the most efficient way to grow high quality food known right now!!! No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced gardener you will learn heaps from this workshop.

Everybody running a community garden needs this information!

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