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Natural Building & appropriate technology’s blog 06

Article Six of Natural Bldg and Appropriate Tech Internship

After having class the last whole week and a free day on Monday, we began the first day of the Building internship on Tuesday the 26th February. And my friends, what a program we have! Heaps of things to design and create. It’s gonna be full-on!

We already began Friday with the presence of Zack (a professional builder) to do the profile of the two sleep-outs. To do the profile of a building means to locate exactly the corners of the future structure. As I said, we began Friday and finished the task today. It is a meticulous task where accuracy is our main focus. How lucky we are to have Big Ben (there are two Bens in the group) who is an accomplished builder. He taught us how to do the first profile and after that we had a go at the second one without him. We had to learn and use practical tools like hammers, saws, and tape measures, but also our brains and the well-known Pythagoras theorem to create the perfect, accurate square. I learned about this theorem in high school, and what a good feeling it is to actually use it in a practical manner.


The Building team having gotten their heads around the calculations.

Another team of three courageous students, Big Ben, Angry Ben, and Shelly accompanied by Tim went to the top of the hill to inspect the place and begin to harvest big poles for the future sleep-outs. I have not been there but after seeing their faces when they came back, it looked like an enormous task. Selecting, cutting, and pulling these poles to the desired place was a huge task.

And this last weekend on a world première at the Koanga Institute we had a special jam with:


The show, not unexpectedly, received rave reviews.

~Oscar Morand, 26 February 2013, Natural Building and Appropriate Technology Intern

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