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Natural Building & appropriate technology’s blog 04

Article Four of Natural Bldg and Appropriate Tech Internship

How do we get energy to cook are food? Gas, electricity, yes, we do use them. But most of the world does not have these facilities and what do they use? Wood! Everyday billions of people use wood to cook their food. And millions of them die also because of that, intoxication through carbon monoxide.

Two days ago we learned about solar oven, as a free and clean source of energy to prepare our daily meals. But the sun is not here everyday. What else could we have?

The answer is Rocket Stove! A rocket stove oven for example. But a rocket stove is not only about food. It is mainly about effective combustion. When a piece of wood is burning it releases gases, the smoke. The gases first are a source of pollution but secondly and most importantly they can be burned and provide us with more energy. This is the underlying principle of a rocket stove, to have a clean combustion, to burn the wood and the gases! A well designed rocket stove will not do any smoke.

After understanding the principle and patterns of what a rocket stove is we went to cob the rocket water heater that we have at the Koanga Institute. Our cob mix was mostly clay with powdered pomes and horse manure. With the cob we insulated the rocket elbow for a better efficiency.


Here is an other article about rocket stove water heater system.

Rocket stoves can also be used to heat a big mass to provide a warm environment for a house. This is called a rocket mass heater. It works on the same principle as a kachelofen, well known in Europe in the past.

~Oscar Morand, 21 February 2013, Natural Building and Appropriate Technology Intern


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