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Lactic Ferment Beetroot Pickle

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What are Vegetable Lactic Pickles?

Lactic Fermentation refers to Lactobacillus bacteria which are present on the surface of all plants. They convert sugars into lactic acid which is a natural preservative. If you’re living without a fridge to cut down on costs then this is quite important and you’ll love ferments once you get started! It’s essential food security and a great way to store food.

Almost all traditional cultures in the world ate their main meals with side dishes of lactic vegetable pickles in some form, and even today millions of people around the world still do. These lactic pickles are not not only a wonderful digestive aid, but also add much flavour to your meal, going together perfectly. It’s not only a digestive aid but the food becomes much more nutritious because the actions of the anaerobic microbes unlock more minerals than our digestive system with it’s aerobic microbes are able to do. So fermented cabbage is more nutritious than a raw cabbage and much easier to digest. If you are a person who has indigestion on a regular basis, then take a little sauerkraut juice before dinner every night, it is wonderful stuff!



1 Liter wide-mouthed jars
1 tsp sea salt per jar
1 tsp mustard seeds per jar
1 heaped tsp honey per jar
2-4 tsp whey per jar
brine (1 Tbsp of sea salt for each cup of filtered water)


  1. Cut the tops off your beetroot and scrub, ready to bake with the skin on. Bake until the flesh is soft but firm. Remove from the oven and when cooled slip the skins off the beetroot.
  2. Cut the beetroot into 1cm cubes and place into jars (Agee bottling jars etc.). Pound the cubes a little to make sure they are packed tightly into the jar and the juice is beginning to be released.
  3. Add salt, mustard seeds, honey, whey and enough brine to cover2cm over the top of the beetroot. Leave in a warm place for 3 days, then put into fridge for 4 weeks before eating.

If you like this recipe check out Change of Heart which is the book it’s published in. Plenty more lactic ferments to discover in there too!


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