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Kay’s Garden January



The season has been late but it’s all on now, the garden is looking luxuriant and magical! No pest or disease problems, although lots of life early in the morning before the sun gets hot, and the summer flowers all coming out. I showed Elanor a monarch butterfly yesterday on the Sunset Cosmos, her first!

It has been intensely hot, so watering is time consuming… I’m watering for 1- 1.5 hours each day to keep 250 sq m of bio intensive garden at good moisture levels. The temperatures have been over 30 all week, but some relief now.
The garden accepts the water far far better when you have aerated the surface weekly of all crops
where the dirt is still exposed to the sun. It is critical to put your finger down into the soil to actually
see of the water is getting down to the root zone. Frequently you can think you are watering well
and it even looks like it but the reality is it could be bone dry not far down, and an electrostatic zone
built up that repels water. Only aeration of the surface and regular watering of small amounts of
water will turn that around. You just have to keep going back and watering again and again until the
soil is accepting the water again.
Carbon Crops
If you’re looking for a carbon crop to plant at this time of the year try Lamb’s Quarters. I’m
planting that this week in the bed my dried peas came out of. It grows fast and produces amazing
carbon for the compost heap and will be the best bet right now I think
We’re eating:
crookneck squash,
White Scotch runner beans
New seasons early white rocombole garlic
Welsh bunching onions
Blue Aztec sweet corn
French sorrel
Multiplying spring onions
Henry’s Dwarf Bush Tomatoes.. the earliest
Paprika peppers (but still green)
Magenta Spreen
Buttercup pumpkins
Delicata pumpkins
Aomaru daikon
Tokinashi daikon
All of our hulless oats hulless barley, essene flax seed, and dried peas are harvested, not all
cleaned and weighed yet, will let you know next newsletter how much we harvested per sq m.
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