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Kay’s Garden April 2013



The garden is almost looking like a winter garden now. We’ve made around 6 cubic metres of compost this season from our summer garden carbon crops and other crops.


The compost that is going back onto the heavy feeding section of the winter garden is really great compost, made with last winter high brix oats and minerals added. I haven’t needed to add any fertiliser, only compost, and the brassicas are going for it so we’ve made a lot of difference over the 18 months since we began.


I’ve planted my early White garlic and my shallots and potato onions, I’ve divided my Multiplying leeks, my Welsh Bunching onions and my Giant Chives and planted them into the new heavy feeders section of the garden.


I’ve set up a liquid feed barrel again and will use it in a different way to the past. I’m making liquid cow manure and seaweed, and will apply it to the garden after adding vermicast and molasses to it , to hold the water soluble minerals so that they don’t burn up the soil carbon and run off polluting the waterways etc. I’ll probably use it in a watering can to give a boost to things in the heavy feeding section or the root section that look as though they need a boost.


We’re flat out drying basil, perilla, dried beans, peppers and mushrooms in the solar drier, fermenting peppers for paste and making ferments with daikon beetroot and carrots for the winter, and enjoying the Indian Summer.

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