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Nutrient Dense Food and Carbon Sequestration using Local Sourced Fertiliser. Kay Closes The Loops – Part Three

OK , so I have prepared my beds as I described last week to plant my broadbeans and peas and they will go in the ground this week. I did find it a bit tricky to collect the urine soaked biochar out of the barrel and it was smelly because it was not fresh urine (which is not smelly), however I gritted my teeth as I have done many times before when pushing myself to another level of something.. and did it. I sprinkled it over the beds before U barring them so that it was worked into the ground easily with no more effort from me. In the end I used 2 x 15 litre buckets per bed.

I love peas but we find that the birds always decimate them so I have a system whereby we unroll the chicken netting that is their trellis when we plant them and secure that along each row.. 2 rows in a bed each side of the bed. Then I place reinforcing rod hoops over the bed, keeping the birds off my grain crops and place bird netting over that. I will have no bird damage and hopefully lots of peas! I’ll put a picture of that up next week after they are planted.

I’ll let you know how things grow and what their brix is when I can. This weekend I also prepared the bed I will be planting my Essene Flaxseed into as soon as the new moon arrives.

It is very important to me that I continue to raise the calcium levels in my soil, ideally they should be up to 5000 kgs per hectare and they currently stand at around 3000 kgs per hectare. Without buying any kind of lime I will need to be consciously working on that.. on top of the lupins and oats that will go into the compost this Spring I’m now collecting oak leaves, also high in calcium, and planting (see for Forest Garden Support bundles spp to supply us with the key minerals needed for our heavy feeding fruit trees) many more dogwoods Cornus spp. in the forest garden for future calcium sources.

I know that soldier fly larvae liquid unlocks the calcium and phosphate from the bone char too, and that will be happening with any luck by October… and for sure I will have that mix for the Autumn compost heaps.

My new greenhouse will be ready to use this week, so I’m planning my next seed planting which will be mainly early Spring Greens.

Last week I made a mistake in my calculations, when I said that the urine and humanure from 2 people would be enough to cover 350 sqm and that would grow all of our vege and grains. I had the area correct, 350 sqm but that is now a big enough area to not only grow our vege which we are growing in 140 sqm plus 50 sq m of perennial vege and 10 sqm of berry beds, the rest will go onto the alfalfa and comfrey beds and barrier rows that we use to feed and mulch our garden beds

I just need 5 years of doing that religiously to see if it will be as successful as I feel it could be. If we are able to build soil and nutrient dense plants using only our human urine humanure and plant material leaves etc collected from specific trees and plants that are known to contain what we are looking for I will be very excited .

My soil test will be back tomorrow so next week we will see where we are beginning this journey and over time where we are going..

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1 thought on “Nutrient Dense Food and Carbon Sequestration using Local Sourced Fertiliser. Kay Closes The Loops – Part Three

  1. Hi Kay
    Fantastic you are your word and you are kicking the fertiliser habit 🙂 It is such a convenient albeit expensive (on a large scale) resource. My ears pricked up when I read you are planning sowing your flax seed. I noticed in my fallow plot today, a flowering flax plant! It obviously handles lots of rain and frosts and yet we grow it in summer?
    Keep up the fantastic work.
    Toni Robertson

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