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In Full Swing


I didn’t have a lot of time of my garden over winter, it was basically left to itself. Although we didn’t buy vegetables all winter it has been more work to get it into the summer garden than I would have liked. We are however getting the last of the sumer things in. My heavy feeding section of the summer garden includes tomatoes, ( Riverside and Island Bay, chosen for their flavour band processing qualities)  peppers ( Yugoslav paprika)  eggplants ( Purple Florence Round), Delicata squash, Buttercup squash, Crookneck squash (my favourites) as well as Port Albert cucumbers and loads of lettuce, basil, and Lambs Quarters.
The Roots and legumes section of the garden rotation includes Mother In Law Bush beans  and bush beans for drying, carrots, beetroot Purple Pod beans to eat as green beans.

In the summer heavy feeders carbon crop section I planted Blue Aztec sweet corn, because I like the way it tastes and also the way it grows, It tends to have multi stems and lots of cobs. I’m also planting Rainbow Inca seed for my next succession  which will be two weeks after the Blue Aztec. I only tend to eat the old types of sweet corn these days, I find them far more satisfying.

Sweetcorn and hulless barley and oats make up this 1/4 of my garden, grown for the carbon content of their  stems for making high quality compost and the other 1/4 that is there to produce carbon for the compost is in Tic beans. When grown to the dry stage they produce excellent carbon as well  as an edible crop.

I have put a significant area of my perennial vege garden into White Scotch runner beans which we will eat green, as shell out beans  and as dried beans.

We have great crop of peas coming on, Southland Sno. Flour peas for drying, Capucyners for drying Dalmatiian peas for drying and Haverlock Sugar snaps for eating along with the Southland son. Our Tic beans are holding huge crops they also will become a dried crop that will be winter soup and bean staples. Our potatoes are looking good after being touched by about 3 late frosts; the yams are just peeking up and the jerusalem artichokes are looking good. I’m going to try some special chick peas, and aduki beans that were found in an ethnic auckland market by a friend earlier this year for interest and also Cherokee beans in my corn patch.

I’m planting my flower seeds now, I love the summer flowers that are the vege garden companions and somehow they always seem too go in later than the vege because I get around to them after all the vegetables go in. I’m also enjoying the cottage garden flowers right now, my old roses and our heritage poppies and cornflower and larkspur are all about to burst into bloom.

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