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Essene Bread/Sprouted Wheat Cakes

konini wheat_1
Konini wheat (barley tastes delicious too!)

Essene Bread/Sprouted Wheat Cakes

This is wonderful bread, so sweet and full of flavoursome texture, that you hardly need anything to spread on it. I love to eat it by the chunk with soup.


2 cups whole wheat or rye sprouts, or a mix of both (use within 48 hours of the first white root tips appearing). You can also make these using Konini Wheat, Essene Flaxseed or Barley.
1/2 tsp sea salt a little warm water 1 tsp caraway seeds (optional)


  1. Grind the sprouts in your corn grinder, or suitable electric alternative. I prefer to have some grains still almost whole and others finely ground. You’ll get your own idea of how you like to grind the sprouts with experience, all ways are good. At this point you have to decide if you need to add a little warm water. Sometimes the mixture after sprouting is a little too hard or stiff to work with easily, other times it seems fine. It needs to be feeling soft and springy, so if you need to add water to achieve this, add it here.
  2. Mix the sea salt and caraway seeds into the mixture, remove from bowl and form a round loaf with your hands. Place onto a floured oven tray and bake at 95-150°C for 4 hours, or if you have a hot dry climate you can bake the loaves in the sun, turning them once. I’ll try this in our solar drier.
  3. You can make small loaves as well, about 3cm high and 5cm wide, like little buns (which will cook far quicker). You can also flatten the mixture into an oiled cake tin and bake like a big flat biscuit – this can have grooves cut into it half way through cooking, to become break lines for the biscuits – or make small cakes and fry in a pan. All these smaller versions of the round loaf will cook faster, so keep an eye on them. Time to cook will obviously depend on the size you make them.
  4. Leave the loaf to cool completely before breaking to eat. Do not attempt to slice this bread with a bread knife!!!

Herby Cheese Dip (p.192) or kefir cheese (p.57) is great on this bread, you will find these recipes in Kay & Bob’s recipe book – Change of Heart.



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