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Creating a Resilient Future on Your Land

All around us now we are hearing of wonderful ways to help create perennial systems that support regenerative, resilient , farming and agriculture and the back bone of these systems are trees. Here at Kotare Village are we planting perennial pig and chicken forage paddocks and we are designing living fences for our animal systems and one of the key trees for us and in temperate New Zealand is the hazelnut tree. Hazel nuts are ‘mast’ trees, they serve many functions including dropping super valuable food/nuts for many many other animals and for humans, as well as providing firewood, and material for charcoal, building materials etc etc. This link shows you well how hazels have been used in the past and their potential for the future. We have planted them in our animal forage system so that they can be coppiced on a rotational basis, and this winer we will be planting our first living fence line of them. We have a large number of high quality hazel seedlings from known trees producing high quality nuts available for you to order NOW from our nursery so that you also can begin this journey of creating resilience on your land..

Photo Credit: Mast Tree Network
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