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20 January 2012 – Week 14


Week 14 of my home garden.

  • Things are ramping up in the garden, we are harvesting Market Wonder beans, Crookneck courgettes, many kinds of lettuces, Cylindrical and Golden beetroot, pickling and eatingDalmatian cabbage, our first Delicata squash, and our first Zimbabwe squash.
  • The grains look outstanding, and this week I made a bamboo frame to hold a cover over theProso Millet, and another over the Sumire Mochi hulless barley.
  • We fertilsed and mulched the bed we are going to plant as a serious perennial vegetable and herb bed. I’m going really hard to keep this garden small and super productive. I’m only going to choose perennials that need composting and mulching once a year, and that I know I will actually eat as an importamt part of our diet! We used our fertilser mix that we have found to be best in most soils, and where there is no high quality compost available. A short term solution but a good one. 400 gms EF:Nature’s Garden per sq m, 200 gms EF:Active Calciumsq m, 500 gms EF:Activated Carbon and 500 gms EF:Paramagnetic Rock Dust, and water plants in with liquid EF:FishPlus.
  • Our first compost heaps were made of sods from the garden paths( with the grass and grass roots all in them) and thistles, as that was all we had. We are now making proper Biointensive heaps, using scythed hay, thistles, weeds, kitchen scraps and ashes and charcoal from the bath, burnt bones and animal waste, including fish waste from our river (mullet)
  • When I took my refractometer tests last week I noticed that the plants with the highest brix’s were the legumes. That makes me wonder if nitrogen is the limiting factor and so I have applied a foliar spray of EF:FishPlus to see if all the other brix’s come up.
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